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New York, NY

Scout MacEachron

Freelance writer and photographer. I write about women, art, culture, health, New York city and most everything else except sports. Former assistant producer at NBC News. Barnard College graduate.


The 'Amazonian' Sisters Who Terrorized the Men of 20th-Century New York

At the turn of the 20th century, Central Park was a dismal place. The predominant political power, Tammany Hall, took no interest in it, and thus it became a place of unseeded lawns, party detritus, and men so hungry that officials worried they'd slaughter the sheep that grazed there. The Central Park of 2015 is much improved, a crown jewel filled with budding romances, green gardens and summer picnickers.

The Bizarre Lesbian Murder Scandal That Rocked 1950s LA

Goldyne Pizer sat in a parked car in Sun Valley, the sort of copycat California suburb Malvina Reynolds sang about in "Little Boxes." It was Halloween, 1957. Next to Pizer was Joan Rabel, a photographer, ex–hair salon employee, and lesbian from Philadelphia, or at least that's the birthplace she listed on a 1948 passenger manifest for a ship traveling from Honolulu to Los Angeles.


Scout MacEachron

Scout is a New York City-based writer/photographer. She hates beets and went to high school in New Delhi, India.

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