Scout MacEachron


Scout MacEachron


If You Liked It Then You Should Have Put a Clitoris Ring on It

Mantis shrimp are named for the way they kill. They are smashers and spearers; one crushes, while the other impales. If crustacean horror were a genre of film, this breed of predatory shellfish would most certainly be the villain. In 2014, Orien Mcneill, who is either 35 or 36 (he'd need to do the math), spotted a bucket full of mantis shrimp in Chinatown.

A 14-Year-Old Model Reveals What Walking in NYFW Is Really Like

For Sumer Sommerfeld, modeling means sacrificing a "normal life." For her family, it means navigating if, when, and how to push her to the top. "She's 14!" someone yelled as Sumer Sommerfeld walked through a restaurant-turned-runway wearing alien-esque headphones—she was modeling in New York Fashion Week's first silent show (think sober silent disco, with better clothes), wearing four-inch heels and a sleeveless dress.


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